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At least 22 people were found dead in a nightclub in the South African city of East London on Sunday. The cause of death is unclear and no obvious signs of injury to the bodies have been reported.

Rescuers were called to Enyobeni’s tavern in the early hours of Sunday morning and arrived to find bodies “lying scattered on tables, chairs and on the ground; without any obvious signs of injury,” according to the Daily Dispatch, a South African news site.

The newspaper said its reporters had been told 22 people had died. If there are no visible wounds or injuries, it is assumed that the deceased was either exposed to some sort of poisonous substance or injured and killed in a stampede.

However, Police Minister Bheki Cele told News24 that « at first glance, there was no stampede. » A local resident told the South African News Network that “It was definitely not a stampede. Some bodies were still on their chairs while others were found lying on the ground.

“We will immediately carry out autopsies in order to know the probable cause of death,” he added. a spokesman for the Eastern Cape Department of Health told Reuters.

Police told reporters outside the tavern that those who died were between 18 and 20 years old. According to the Associated Press, they were celebrating the end of school exams.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called the dead « teenagers. » In a post on Twitter, Ramaphosa Express his « sincere condolences » to the families of the dead, noting that « The tragedy is made even more serious by its occurrence during Youth Month – a time when we celebrate young people. »

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