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2 vehicles parked outside Burberry store on Magnificent Mile thought to be a crime prevention tactic – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – It’s not something you normally see on Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile. Two cars parked on the sidewalk outside an upscale store.

In what appears to be a crime prevention tactic, a photo shows two vehicles parked on the sidewalk of Burberry’s Michigan Avenue, blocking the entrance during off-peak hours.

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Burberry has been the target of burglars twice in two days to start the new year.

The incidents were part of a series of retail crimes targeting high-end stores on the Mag Mile and suburban malls.

Rob Karr is President and CEO of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association. Although he says he is aware of Burberry’s concerns about crime, he did not speak to the store about specific tactics. But he says he’s not surprised.

“I think this is a testament to whether they feel good or bad, they feel a bit lonely here and that they need to take action, every measure possible to protect themselves,” Rob Karr, president and chief executive officer branch of the Illinois Association of Retail Traders.

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Jackie Kostek of CBS 2 visited the Mag Mile where she spoke with Coach store workers who say they saw vehicles parked outside the Burberry entrance for the past two nights.

While Burberry did not respond to requests for comment, the Chicago Department of Transportation, the agency responsible for managing the city’s sidewalks, said Wednesday it was unaware of the vehicles parked at the outside of Burberry after hours and would send an inspector.

A spokesperson said there was no CDOT permit that would allow parking on the sidewalk like this. Chicago police have neither confirmed nor denied whether they were aware, saying, “For security reasons, we do not discuss patrol or deployment strategies.”

CBS 2 contacted the mayor’s and alderman’s offices and received no response.

Karr, of the Retail Traders Association, said he would continue to have conversations with city leaders on how to better protect businesses. Because like he says, theft in retail is devastating for everyone.

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“Every time a good is stolen, there is a sales tax that is not collected on that good. And retailers are the largest source of tax revenue for local governments and the second for the state. These help fund the services we all rely on, so we are all victims, ”Karr said.