13 civilians killed in Russian bombings, new aid from Washington

► Thirteen civilians dead in Russian bombings

Thirteen civilians were killed overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday August 10 in Russian bombardments in the Dnipropetrovsk region in central-eastern Ukraine, Governor Valentin Reznichenko announced.

Two injured succumbed to their injuries, adding to the death toll of eleven announced by the governor a few minutes earlier on Telegram.

► Explosions at a Russian airfield in Crimea leave one dead and several injured

Explosions that left one dead and injured occurred on Tuesday (August 9th) at an ammunition depot on the site of a military airfield on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia, which stopped its oil deliveries via the Ukraine.

Crimean leader Sergei Aksionov said one person was killed in the blasts and his health minister, Konstantin Skoroupski, said five people were injured, including a child.

The Russian army claimed that no shooting or bombardment had been the cause of these explosions, first reported by the authorities of this peninsula unilaterally attached to Russia in 2014 and on the front line in the Russian offensive against Ukraine.

“Crimea is Ukrainian and we will never give it up. We will not forget that the occupation of Crimea was the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine.”hammered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday evening during his daily address.

► 89 million dollars released by Washington to demine Ukraine

The United States announced on Tuesday that it would spend $89 million to help Ukraine destroy anti-personnel mines, which it says were voluntarily planted by Russian soldiers in populated areas in the north of the country before withdrawing in march.

This envelope, which will be used to finance around a hundred teams of deminers belonging to NGOs or specialized private companies, represents “emergency assistance to Ukraine to get rid of landmines and other explosive remnants of war”told the press an official of the Department of State, which funds this program.

“This appalling use of anti-personnel bombs by Russian forces is reminiscent of the tactics of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, where IS terrorists sought to cause as many civilian casualties as possible so that people were afraid to return. at their home “he added.

The Ukrainian government has already defused 160,000 explosives since the end of March, but it estimates that 5 million people currently live in areas infested with explosives and landmines, according to the State Department official.


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