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10 series that feel good

As we are once again confined, the need to laugh and be entertained has become a priority. The newspaper enjoyed watching 10 feel-good series presented on different platforms.

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Ted lasso

10 series that feel good

Photo courtesy, Apple TV

It’s the favorite series of many people (including mine), many awards and nominations to prove it. The plot? An American football coach goes to coach a British football (soccer) team, a sport he knows absolutely nothing about. You don’t need to be a soccer fan to fall in love with this unwaveringly optimistic Ted Lasso played by the brilliant Jason Sudeikis and a big crush on the hilarious character of Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein).

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Derry Girls

The two seasons of this succulent series from Northern Ireland make you laugh out loud and forget everything, the time of its too short and not enough episodes. We follow Erin and her band of friends accumulating escapades and bad ideas in the tumultuous Northern Ireland (armed police and British army checkpoints) of the 90s. Absolutely delicious!

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Audrey came back

10 series that feel good

Photo courtesy, Club Illico

By combining the madness of Florence Longpré and the comic sarcasm of Guillaume Lambert, the duo of authors could not help but deliver a series that would mark the imagination. In Sorel-Tracy, Audrey comes out of a coma that lasted 16 years. With the help of her family – which has changed a lot – she must reclaim her own life. Experienced actors Denis Bouchard and Josée Deschênes play Audrey’s parents.

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Impossible not to fall for the character of Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year-old young man living with an autism spectrum disorder. His obsession? Penguins, Antarctica and… trying to fall in love. The whole family – imperfect and true – is endearing to perfection. It’s funny, light and very touching.

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10 series that feel good

You can always count on Fabien Cloutier and his colorful characters – to say the least! – to make us smile, touch us at times and make us laugh out loud. The three seasons are offered on Club illico and the third marks the return of the hairdresser Jessica interpreted by the great Anne Dorval.

► On Club illico and VAT

Trivia (Trinkets)

A trio and an improbable friendship, an encounter at an anonymous shoplifters’ meeting and adolescent themes (mourning, homosexuality, friendship, family) approached in a different, comical and sometimes overwhelming way: trinkets is much more than a series for teenagers, it is a real balm on confined hearts.

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Only Murders in the Building (also available in French)

10 series that feel good

Photo courtesy, Disney+

Steve Martin, John Hoffman and Selena Gomez form an unusual and truly comical trio in this series combining dark humor and classic comedy. Crazy about unsolved crime podcasts, the three characters will make their own show when a murder occurs in their luxurious building. Roll on season 2!

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Sex Education

10 series that feel good

Photo courtesy, Netflix

In the same vein, this British series tackles with humor and self-mockery the vagaries of sexual life, especially that of adolescents. We follow the adventures of Otis (Asa Butterfield), a virgin teenager whose mother is a sex therapist (excellent Gillian Anderson) who creates, with a rebellious teenager – with whom he will obviously fall in love – a clandestine sex therapy cell at their high school. .

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Love and Autism Stories (Love on the Spectrum)

There’s nothing more charming than this reality TV series following the journey of seven single Australians with Autism Spectrum Disorder! Their dearest wish? Find love! The discussions with the family, the appointments, the discussions going straight to the point, the coaching courses to go to the other, love at first sight, everything is there.

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The End of the F**king World

This British series has everything to please lovers of dark humour, sarcasm, anti-heroes, delirious moments and good music (the soundtrack is dazzling!). We learn to love James, a 17-year-old psychopath (he says so!) living with his widowed father. Bored with killing animals, he decides to attack a human, setting his sights on Alyssa, a student at his school. They will flee together on the roads of England… remains to be seen if James will be able to put his morbid project to fruition.

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